Architectural Survey Work in the Field

We think that one of the biggest pluses in using RuskinARC™ for architectural survey work is its ability to work in the field on an iPad or Android device.

Field work has always been somewhat of a Holy Grail for architectural survey work. At first, it was a film camera with a notebook, walking building to building taking notes and hoping you brought enough film to finish the job. Next came the digital camera and a notebook, no more worrying about film but still stuck writing notes that you take back to the office and hope you can read well enough to put into the survey forms. And then… we stagnated. Most jobs are still done with paper and a digital camera.

But while architectural survey work might have stagnated, the rest of the world didn’t. Why carry around a notebook and camera when you could take a tablet computer that is a notebook and camera and GPS device and… anything else you want it to be!

Architectural Survey Work in RuskinARC™

Do your architectural survey on an iPad
RuskinARC works on iPads, tablets, and mobile devices.

Along those lines and in our growing effort to make architectural survey work easier, RuskinARC™ was designed to work on tablets of all kinds. With RuskinARC™ and an iPad, you can fill in the forms while standing in front of the building, take a picture with the camera and upload it all from within the application. Have an older survey in RuskinARC™? Pull up that information, while you’re there in front of the building, and update the information and upload a new picture. Also, if you have volunteers or interns doing the survey work, you can be on your computer in the office and see their updates and additions in real time. It’s all going to the same account in RuskinARC™, so you can keep track of exactly what’s going on. Not getting the kinds of pictures you need to do your work? Just call them up while they’re still in the field and let them know.

In fact, Miami Beach is already doing this, and capturing some amazingly detailed photographs in the process. With RuskinARC™, they’re able to know what they have and keep that up to date so they always know what they’re working with.

Are you?

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