Downtown Revitalization Features in RuskinARC™

We recently added some features in RuskinARC™ that we like to call our downtown revitalization fields. We’ve expanded RuskinARC’s traditional historic preservation focus to also look at other areas of city planning, including giving you the tools you need to understand the businesses in your downtown.

Fields for extra location information.
Save extra location information to identify businesses in this building.

RuskinARC now gives you the ability to quickly record and search for properties in your historic downtown that are open for business, for sale, rent or lease and contact information for the owners of those properties. This will let you quickly plan special downtown events, get all the properties currently available for prospective business owners, and keep track of your downtown revitalization efforts in the same easy to use interface that you track all of your historic downtown buildings in.

Fields to describe if the property is open or for sale. A big plus for downtown revitalization.
Also set if the historic building is open to the public and what its hours are as well as whether the property is for sale, rent or lease.

RuskinARC also lets you search and map this information too, giving you and visitors to your project an easy way to see what’s open and what’s available.

The key to your downtown revitalization efforts is going to be whether you have a grasp on what’s going on with the buildings and businesses in your downtown area. Just like it does for your historic district areas, RuskinARC™ can give you the information you need to make the right decision when you need to.

We’re integrating more features like this into RuskinARC™ so please let us know what you’d like to see to make your job easier. You can contact us here. And sign up for the newsletter on the right to keep up with what else we have in store.

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