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Welcome to our RuskinARC™ Newsletter

Main Street Accreditation for 2013 Announced (sort of)

The National Main Street Center has announced 2013 members for their Main Street Accreditation program, sort of. There are a lot of press releases from the various cities, but no definitive list from the NTHP, at least that we can find. Perhaps the best way to see what new communities are being added, run this Google News search on “main street accreditation”. You can also catch the full list of all accredited programs here.

Maybe they need a system that can map all this…

EBook Sales Soon to Outstrip Paper Book Sales

PricewaterhouseCoopers has said that ebook sales will surpass paper book sales by 2017, just 4 years from now. This isn’t too surprising as announced in 2011, two years ago, that ebooks were already more popular than paper books in their sales numbers. Now it looks like the rest of the world is catching up.

Lest you think that this has nothing to do with Historic Preservation, let me assure you this isn’t just a fad and the transition from expecting paper to expecting digital is going to matter a lot to all of us in the coming years.

RuskinARC™ News

New Catalog View

Lately, we added a “Catalog View” to RuskinARC™ in place of the “text descriptions” report. If you’re a client, it’s already working on your system. To see it go to Reports and then Generate the Summary Catalog. It consolidates your resources nicely, combining auto-generated descriptions with photos. Couldn’t be easier. Here’s an example (from Miami): Looks good even on paper. To try it use your browser’s Print or Print Preview once you’re there.

Survey Forms

We’ve added a few new survey form choices: most recently California, Kentucky, and West Virginia. We can also do custom output forms on request under our professional services like we did for a client in Toronto, Canada.

New Look

By now you’ve noticed the “new” look and feel. We hope you like it. It’s designed to look great and work well on mobile devices (iPads, tablets). Now it’s easier than ever to do your survey work right in the field.

Pricing Adjustments

If you’ve seen our pricing page on the site, you might have noticed our announcement about pricing and service adjustments.

Over the past year we’ve taken a good look at what it really takes to develop, maintain, and support RuskinARC™. The new pricing structure is geared toward better business sense while still delivering real value for clients. Actually, it’s meant to (finally) allow us to deliver real power and reliability. We handle the backups, bandwidth, disk space, hosting, databases, security, bug-fixes, and all the other technical aspects so you don’t have to worry about it.

We’re especially looking hard at how the pricing and service tier might be altered so we can provide great support to clients, which is critical. You already know that RuskinARC™ is an absurd value, especially when compared to “rolling your own”, maintaining an in-house system or worse, not having a system at all that will give you the insight and information you need in today’s fast-paced world. We think that won’t change.

If you are already a client, you’ll simply stick with the pricing and service you have established with us. We don’t plan to charge any more than you’ve signed up for, and won’t be changing anything about your accounts unless you ask us to.

Until next time…

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