What’s Next for RuskinARC

Just got through a meeting with everyone at CRE and we got to talking about what’s next with RuskinARC. We started a little more than a year ago and built what many have told us is the best professional historic survey management tool out there right now. But we’ve also heard ideas for the next steps and evolution of RuskinARC and we’re getting ready to move forward.

About a week ago, we put out a survey to gather what you would like to see next and the results have been very consistent so far; you want a top notch historic showcase tool, a place where you can really tell the story of your place. RuskinARC can already save vast amounts of vital information about your buildings, but you want something easier on the eyes for the public to take a look at what makes your community special. A place where you can tell your story.

Well, we hear you and we’re working to make that happen. We’ve got some ideas in our pockets that we think could revolutionize how people interact with historic communities and preservation leagues online. And if you are already a professional level user of RuskinARC, we can also tell you that you’ll get all of these improvements for free.

Yes, I know. Big words. But we’ve come this far with it and we’re sure going to give it all we’ve got.

If you’d like to send us your input, feel free to try out a trial account and then fill out our survey and give us your ideas.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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