RuskinARC Newsletter: Documentation and Crowdfunding Project

Documentation: It’s More Than Just a Pretty Picture

That’s the title of a recent article posted by the National Trust. The actual article concerns how to completely document a building that is slated for demolition as a case study. It’s sad to see this kind of documentation wait until after a building has been condemned to be destroyed and that’s why we’re always so happy to see places like Miami Beach taking a proactive stance in documentation. We also believe that documenting now can prevent this kind of destruction from happening in the first place. The only thing that will prevent destruction of your historic places is having a group people who care about those places fight to protect them and the only way to make people care is to tell them the story of why this place is important. Public outreach is preservation and needs to be a part of every historic preservation plan.

Highway Revolts Break Out Across the Midwest

As a clear example of what I was talking about above, here’s an article that talks about community groups fighting against highway expansion projects that hurt downtowns. People care about their downtown areas because they live there and already understand the story that they tell themselves about it. Small, passionate groups can make a difference. If you’re a historic preservation group, I encourage you to start a conversation and alliance with a local community or business group today. It could be a very important alliance when you eventually need it.

Hacienda Hotel Crowdfunding Project

And speaking of getting community support, we recently ran across thisproject to restore the Hacienda Hotel in New Port Richey, Florida. We’ve talked about crowdfunding before and this is a great example of it in action. This project really lays out what a good crowdfunding project needs; a good video describing the importance of the place, a description that tells more of the story and a good explanation of why the money is needed and how it will be used.

And while you’re there, throw a couple of dollars in. Every little bit is going to help.

Until next time…

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