RuskinARC Newsletter: Maps and More Maps

Wisconsin Historic Maps Digitized

The Wisconsin Historical Society recently scanned and posted more than 3,000 of its rare maps and atlases online. There are some really interesting maps, including a map of Milwaukee in 1836 and a map of America from 1596! See them all here.

Getting Your Maps Online

We here at RuskinARC™ are interested to helping you with technology, whether you’re a customer or not. In that regard, we’ve put together a little screencast on how to get a Google Map of your endangered places or other location data quickly and easily on your website. Take a look:

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What’s New with RuskinARC™

This week, we did a little rework of some of the auto-generated description due to customer feedback around things like the built date and the roof description. Now the date text changes based on what is selected for the certainty field. If certainty is ‘approximate’, we say “built ca.1900”. If it’s ‘later than’, we say “built after 1900”, etc. It was also pointed out to us that the roof description wasn’t a complete sentence, so we also fixed that to make sure we don’t have any sentence fragments floating around. We also added a couple of more options for building type to fill in some holes customers were running into. It looks like the list from the National Park Service isn’t quite complete after all!

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