RuskinARC Newsletter: Newest Video and Miami Beach

Using Pivot Tables to Study Your Historic Community

We’re really cooking on bringing you technology information you can use in your preservation and planning work. Our latest tip is a video about using Pivot Tables to get a feel for the composition of your historic resources. Take a look over at YouTube and while you’re there, see what else we’ve got in the kitchen.

Miami Beach Mania

On RuskinARC, the Miami Design Preservation League’s historic Art Deco districts now account for about 45% of all our traffic! We have quite a few other clients but Judith Frankel and the team at MDPL have been doing a great job at public outreach lately and it really shows. They’re also using their current work to galvanize the public to get out and survey more of the area using RuskinARC as the central hub for data collection and display. We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it.

Be one of the 45%ers and check out all that Miami Beach has done on RuskinARC.

Grant for Crowdfunding Platform, the crowdfunding platform for civic projects, has just received a $175,000 grant from the Knight Foundation. Why should you care, you may ask? Because we think this could be a great vehicle to fund restoration and preservation projects in the near future and something you should definitely keep an eye on. In fact, they already have some interesting restoration projects on the site.

If you’ve never heard of crowdfunding or wonder how it applies to you, we hope to have a series on our blog about it soon and how it can apply to historic restoration or preservation projects, so stay tuned!

Major Infrastructure Upgrades Coming

Due to the success of RuskinARC, we’ll be planning some major upgrades in the near future to our server and intrastructure. What that means for you is RuskinARC will be getting faster and more reliable. We haven’t reached our limit on our current set up yet, but we also don’t want to wait and potentially cause problems for our clients and are looking to be proactive in serving you.

This will mean that some time in July, we’ll need to lock RuskinARC up for a weekend or so to make the switch. Our hope is that we can get everything in place to make the switch with as little downtime as possible. The public view side of RuskinARC will actually be impacted far less and might not have any downtime at all.

Keep an eye open for the email detailing what will happen if you’re a current RuskinARC customer.

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