RuskinARC Newsletter: Preservation at the Crossroads

We think the tagline to the last National Preservation Conference fits what we’ve been thinking, and what we’ve been hearing, for a long time. “Preservation at the Crossroads”. Development and “progress” are starting to over shadow preservation efforts all around the world. We’re trying to help with that with one important aspect of our product, public outreach. How do you get an elected government body to listen to your concerns over preserving your shared heritage? Make the electorate care. Educate them on what your community’s history means and why it’s important. And, as we’ve heard from a number of clients, if it’s not online, no one knows about it and if they don’t know about it, how could you possibly get them to care? Getting your story online is one of the tasks RuskinARC is built for and to help with that, we’ve added a few small but important features recently to help you embed all that wonderful RuskinARC information directly into your website. The Village of Oak Park has actually done just that and we’re dedicated to making these useful features work for you. This is your information, you should have the flexibility to use it how you want, like embedding it on your own website to show your community that these building really matter and should be saved.

We feel like we’re in a constant state of excitement around what communities are doing with RuskinARC, from Miami Beach’s amazing documentation effort (over 2,500 photographs!) to Abilene’s consistently growing survey work. We’re also excited to welcome Tulsa, OK and Galena, Il as new customers and we can’t wait to see how those communities can use RuskinARC in their important efforts. Here at RuskinARC, we believe that we are at a crossroads, but it’s one where preservation wins in the end, because the stories that we tell here are the ones that young people will remember and then work to preserve.

Are we at a crossroads and, if so, what does that crossroads look like to you? Please let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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