New Features: Updated View Page

We’ve just released a pretty big change to how buildings and sites are viewed. For the longest time, we’ve had what I like to call the data dump view; a large list of vitals that, while informative, wasn’t very pretty to look at. It’s something that is very useful for professional surveyors to view what kind of wall cladding material is in use and whether the windows are original or not, but for the average viewer, it didn’t concisely tell them what the building’s story was.

Details View
The Details View

In a step towards a more story-centric view of RuskinARC, we’ve come up with a new condensed view for all buildings and sites.

Story-Centric View
The Story-Centric View

By making the map, pictures and descriptive paragraph the central highlight on this page, we’ve showcased the most important pieces of what this building is about. Most of the details that are on the Detail View are also auto-built into the paragraph as well, so almost all the information entered is still there, just with a much more friendly way of seeing it. And all the detail information is still available through a Detail View button at the top of the screen, so nothing has been taken away.

We think this is much more accessible for a public view of the site and gives a much better view of the story of a building rather than just it’s vital statistics.

You can check out the new view and how it fits in with the rest of RuskinARC by viewing the Old West Lawrence District. If you have any comments or questions for us, feel free to comment below or contact us.